RSG Philippines recovered from a Game 1 hiccup and scored a reverse sweep of Indonesian team Alter Ego to stay in the hunt in the MPL Invitational 2022 on Friday, Nov. 4.

screenhot from ONE Esports stream

The reigning MSC kings shrugged off a shock opening game loss, showing poise in Games 2 and 3 to secure the series win and advance to the quarterfinals against Team HAQ.

The Game 1 loss, where RSG PH squandered a sizable gold lead and allowed AE to take the come-from-behind win, seemed to have poked the beast inside the MPL PH Season 9 champions as Kousei unloaded a perfect 7-0-5 KDA on the Lesley in Game 2.

1rrad also came through with a 4-0-9 line on the jungle Leomord pick as the Filipinos listed a 15-14 equalizer in Game 2. The rookie shone bright in the tightly contested affair, securing all of the four Lords for the Filipinos to force a winner-take-all Game 3.

Riding the momentum of the Game 2 win, RSG PH showed no letup in the decider as Dylan “Light” Catipon once again showed the way with his signature Tank Chou pick. His efforts along with the threats from Exort’s Kadita and Nathzz’s Dyrroth pick proved to be the biggest thorns to the side of Alter Ego during the objective fights.

Light’s pick-off on Nino’s Beatrix at the 13th minute mark sealed the deal for the Raiders as they went for the final Lord siege.

The veteran roamer finished with a 0-2-8 line on the Chou while Nathzz punished the AE backlines with a 5-1-3 KDA.

It was a salvation of some sort for RSG PH which failed to close out Game 1 despite going for the Lord march that destroyed one of AE’s inhibitor turrets.

Two consecutive pick-offs on Kousei’s Lesley in Game 1, first during the Lord siege, and the second before the final Lord dance, turned the tables to Alter Ego’s favor, securing a 17-17 come-from-behind win.

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