Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy continued to provide the veteran leadership, steering Geek Fam to a 2-1 victory over Orange Esports in the second round of the MPL Invitational 2022 and set up a clash against Blacklist International in the quarterfinals.

Screenshot from ONE Esports stream

Baloyskie came up huge in the series opener, setting the tone for his crew with his Kadita pick before providing the big plays using the same hero in Game 3 to shake off the gritty Malaysian team.

The MPL Indonesia Season 10 best roamer shone with an impressive 1-3-12 KDA in Game 1 which proved to be vital in providing the space to Geek Fam’s core heroes in Cadera’s Beatrix and Aaron “JanaaQT” Lazaro’s jungle Gusion picks.

Cadera and JanaaQT quickly snowballed as the Indonesian team dominated its Malaysian counterparts with 21-8 with the former posting a neat 9-0-8 line while the latter providing support with a 6-1-7 KDA.

Refusing to go down without a fight, however, was Orange Esports which scored an 11-4 equalizer in just 13 minutes of play. The early game aggression from Malaysian midlaner Stormie paid dividends as it allowed his team to gain advantage in the team fights for objectives.

He finished with a 4-0-4 line on the Lylia pick while Neo added a 3-1-2 line on the Paquito.

With the momentum swinging back to OE, Baloyskie joined hands with Indonesian midlaner Aboy and EXP laner Luke to turn back the hard-fighting Malaysians. Back on the Kadita pick, Baloyskie scored valuable pick-offs during team fights with Aboy on the Valentina and Luke on the Fredrinn picks doing the follow-ups.

Baloyskied finished with a 2-1-5 line while Aboy and Luke had 4-2-6 and 3-0-10 KDAs, respectively, as Geek Fam gets the chance to challenge the current M-series World Champions.

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