WGM Janelle Frayna

The Philippines suffered heartbreaking losses to Hungary in the women’s division and Georgia in men’s via identical 2.5-1.5 results in the ninth round Sunday night that dealt a big blow to their bids for a top 10 finish in the 44th World Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India.

Woman Grandmaster Janelle Mae Frayna blew her winning chances and settled for a draw with old nemesis Hoang Thanh Trang on top board while Woman FIDE Master Shania Mae Mendoza blundered away a drawn position and fell to International Master Szidonia Lazarne Vajda on third board that sealed the Filipinas’ fate.

Earlier, WIM Jan Jodilyn Fronda stunned WGM Ticia Gara on second board while WIM Kylen Joy Mordido succumbed to WIM Zsoka Gaal on the fourth board that left it to Frayna and Mendoza to win it for the country.

Meanwhile, IM Paulo Bersamina lost to GM Levan Pantsulaia on the fourth board that sealed the Filipinos’ doom following draws by GMs Mark Paragua, John Paul Gomez and Darwin Laylo on the first three boards.

The Filipinas slipped to a 17-country tie for 31st place with 11 match points while their male counterparts were worse as they sank to a 24-nation logjam at 58th with 10 points to show.

The country, which is being sponsored by the Philippine Sports Commission, was battling Guatemala in the men’s and Southeast Asian rival Vietnam in the women’s in the 10th and penultimate round at press time.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/08/08/ph-bows-to-hungary-georgia-in-round-9-of-world-chess-olympiad/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ph-bows-to-hungary-georgia-in-round-9-of-world-chess-olympiad)