RSG Philippines head coach Brian “Panda” Lim admitted that his squad is still adjusting to the new environment after MPL Philippines went back to its on-site setting.

Photo from MPL Philippines

RSG has lost two straight games in the on-site event, falling to TNC Pro Team ML and ECHO in its first two assignments in its grueling three-game, three-day schedule in Week 3.

Coach Panda was actually glad to what his players have shown during their game against ECHO since he believes his players did well as compared to the game against TNC

“I’m very proud of my players because we really had a good game,” said Coach Panda.

“The reason why I’m saying that it’s a good game because the other game was disappointing because we have a lot of regrets at the end of the game because it’s the first time for the players to get adjusted sa bagong environment, sa bagong setting especially the microphone and the headsets,” he furthered.

Coach Panda said he discussed the adjustments to his squad and RSG has responded well against ECHO.

“Our first challenge yesterday was the comms and the new environment and today we actually fixed it that’s why I’m very happy at the end of the day unlike yesterday,” he added.

The former national team coach, however, admitted that the team was caught off-guard with ECHO’s pocket picks where it utilized a surprise Diggie pick in Game 1 and a roaming Natalia in Game 2.

“ECHO’s Diggie pick is really good because it countered with the Diggie stacks and also the Khufra and we didn’t expect that to happen and also the Aulus pick was also good. ECHO’s execution especially with the Diggie, the team fight was really strong,” he recalled in the Game 1 defeat.

“For Game 2 the Natalia pick was actually good, they pressured the Wanwan, also the Paquito snowballed and they catch our pos 5 off guard so they really played well. We played well also but I think we really have things to show talaga,” he explained.

Despite the two straight losses, Coach Panda stressed that the it’s not yet the time to panic and he expects his squad to bounce back from the defeats.

“In our upcoming games, what can I expect is not 100 percent win rate but I can assure you guys that we will have a better game every time you see us on that stage,” he ended.

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