There’s a sensible reason why some fans and pundits noticed the similarities between the playing styles of Nexplay Evos rookie jungler Michael “MP the King” Endino and the M3 World Champion and Blacklist International’s Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario.

Nexplay Evos Michael “MP the King” Endino (left) and Blacklist International’s Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario (Photo from Moonton)

In a vlog of NXPE figure head and assistant coach Setsuna “Dogie” Ignacio, MP the King revealed that he purposely patterned his jungling style to the Blacklist star.

Since NXPE and Blacklist were scrim partners during the latter’s M3 run, MP the King admitted that he took that opportunity to study and adapt Wise’s strategies to his, even though they have a different hero pool.

“Noong M3 kasi ‘di ba palagi namin sila ka-scrim kaya parang inadapt ko yung ginagawa nya. Parang napapansin ko kasi parang yung mga hero nya mabilis mag farm,” said MP the King

“Ganito yung ginagawa nya kaya sinubukan ko rin. Inadapt ko yung playstyle nya, sa sobrang dami kong practice nakuha ko rin yung ginagawa nya,” he added.

Although using a different set of heroes far from Wise’s signature picks like Aldous, Bane or Barats, it was evident that MP the King was putting more premium on securing the objectives than the kills during NXPE’s 2-0 sweep of Onic.

MP finished with a 6-1-4 KDA on the Karina in Game 1 and a 2-0-0 tally in Game 2 using the Roger. In both instances, he showcased efficient jungling with a 785 gold per minute ratio (GPM) in Game 1 and a whopping 931 GPM in Game 2.

Even Wise recognized the similarities in their jungling pattern during his vlog with Jonmar “OhmyV33nus” Villaluna.

“Magaling yung jungler si MP, legit parang nagulat ako na ah parang ganun din yung gagawin ko. “Yung sa first game, ganung rotation gagawin ko kung Karina ako tsaka nagpapaalalay rin sya,” Wise said of the NXPE rookie.

On the other hand, OhmyV33nus commended not just MP the King but the entire squad for the well-executed play anchored on the midlane duo of Kenneth “Cadenza” Castro and Jeniel “Yellyhaze” Bata-anon.

“Sobrang konti lang ng deaths, sobrang onti ng kills, alam mong objective-wise. Kapag ganun alam mong mas less yung kaba less yung takot kasi malinis yung game nila against Onic,” OhmyV33nus said of NXPE.

“Yung pinakita ng NXP ngayon is something na mas nakakaexcite abangan pagdating pa sa mga susunod na weeks.”

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