OB.Neon Esports came through in crunch time to pull off a 2-1 reverse sweep against Motivate.Trust Gaming in the final match of the DPC SEA Winter Tour 1 on Thursday, Jan. 20

Photo from OB Neon

OB forged a three-way deadlock with Motivate Trust and Execration at the fifth to seventh spot of the standings with an identical 2-5 win-loss records.

Trailing in the series and for the most part of Game 2, OB.Neon showed resolve to score a reverse sweep. The win allowed OB.Neon to escape an immediate relegation to the Division II and force a tie breaker to determine which two teams will keep its Division I spot

Down by as much 8k gold lead and with MG.Trust seemingly in full control, OB.Neon came through with a four-man wipe at the 38 minute-mark to turn the tides to its favor. A huge clash happened at the 43-minute mark which went to OB.Neon’s way proved to be the deciding moment of the game as the PH-based crew completed a 39-36 come-from-behind win.

With all the momentum on its side, OB.Neon made sure to finish it off in Game 3 as it dominated MG.Trust, 31-16 to close out the series.

Jinn Marrey “Palos” Lamatao engineered the comeback for OB.Neon after a 14-4-19 KDA on his Queen of Pain in Game 2 before following it up with a 7-0-10 showing on his Anti-Mage in the decider.

OB.Neon which dropped Game 1, 25-10 will engage MG.Trust and Execration in a three-way battle on Friday. The two best teams will keep its spot in the Division I while last placed squad will get dropped to the lower division.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2022/01/21/ob-neon-escapes-relegation-forges-three-way-tiebreaker-for-the-division-i-spot/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ob-neon-escapes-relegation-forges-three-way-tiebreaker-for-the-division-i-spot)