Bren Victress suffered its first loss in the ONE Esports: MLBB Women’s Invitational at the hands of Indonesian squad Bigetron Era, 1-0, on Thursday, Jan. 27.

Screenshot from ONE Esports stream

An early turtle steal against the Victress at the three-minute mark of the match set the tone for the Indonesian side which took an early 1k gold lead following that clash.

Bren had its answer with Taro drawing the first blood at the expense of Vivian’s Mathilda but Bigetron focused on its objective game, having the free reigns for their farm

The ladies from Indonesia then asserted its dominance in the clash for the second turtle as they scored a four-to-nothing trade in the skirmish on top of a turtle and two turrets from Bren.

Bigetron never looked back from that point as it thoroughly destroyed any hopes of comebacks for the PH bets.

Bren managed to survive the first lord march from Bigetron behind the efforts of Lexaa’s Lylia. The Indonesians however made sure to put an end to Bren in the next Lord push as they scored a dominant 13-1 win.

Valanyr on the Yu Zhong led the onslaught with a perfect 5-0-6 KDA while Vival on the jungle Barats provided support with his own 0-0-9 score line.

Taro on the Brody, was the lone scorer on the board with a 1-3-0 standing.

Bren Victress, now 1-1 in the Group B standing, can improve its record when it takes on Lugiami from Singapore in the second day of the group stages on Friday at 3 p.m.

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