Bren Victress’ upset bid fell short as GPX Basreng stave off the Filipinas, 2-1, in their best-of-three semifinals in the ONE Esports: MLBB Women’s Invitational on Sunday, Jan. 30

Photo from ONE Esports Philippines

The Filipinas committed a major blunder in the crucial moments of the winner-take-all Game 3 as GPX foiled Bren’s comeback attempt.

GPX and Bren engaged in a tight contest in Game 3 but the Filipinas started to lose grip of the match after the Indonesians took out all of Bren’s outer turrets.

Bren though battled back as a timely I’m offended ultimate from Defrost’s Ruby caught four heroes inside Alexandria “Lexaaa” Dardo’s Real World Manipulation on the Yve to complete a four-hero wipe and successfully defend their base against GPX’s Lord push.

GPX though showed poise under pressure as it came back with their own four kills in a clash near the Lord pit that allowed them to secure an 18-minute Luminous Lord. The Indonesians ended the series following its 19-17 Game 3 win.

It was actually Bren which handed GPX its first loss in the tournament, taking a 16-3 opening win. GPX went with its early aggression as it tried to invade and delay Ayezha “Ashee” Alampayan’s Ling but Bren made the Indonesians pay with Ashe scoring two kills on Fellysia “Skye” Bun’s Hayabusa and Winda “Earl” Lunardi’s Ruby.

Bren took advantage of that early kills as Ashee snowballed and quickly reached her power spike to finish with a perfect 7-0-3 KDA. The Filipinas never relinquished the lead as it focused on taking the major objectives all-game long securing three turtle kills and two Lord slain en route to the dominant Game 1 win.

Lexaa was also untouchable on his Chang’e dishing out the damage from the distance to finish with a 4-0-8 KDA and the MVP citation in Game 1.

GPX though refused to go down without a fight as the ladies from Indonesia clobbered the PH bets in Game 2. GPX stuck to its early game invasion strat, this time sending four heroes just to delay Ashee’s Yi-Sun Shin.

That, and the non-stop pressure from Chincaaw’s gold lane Kimmy which unleashed a stellar 7-0-2 performance to help GPX tie the series 1-1 and force the jugular Game 3.

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