Onic Philippines’ upset bid fell short against the MPL Indonesia Kings Onic Esports, 1-0, in the opening match of the Group B action in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang: M3 World Championship at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore on Tuesday, Dec 7.

Photo from Onic Philippines

Onic PH was in full control for the most part of the game but failed to close out after a disastrous Lord dance where Onic Esports completed a huge steal and four-man wipe of Filipinos to snatch the victory with a 12-15 comeback.

The Filipinos’ pick-off centered composition proved wonders in the early game as the double-assassin line up of Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol’s Lancelot and Jaylord “Hatred” Gonzales’ mid lane Aamon dominated the double-marksman line-up of the Indonesians.

The two even scored a triple kill each, first with Kairi’s Lancelot at the sixth minute mark and next on Hatred’s Aamon after Onic ID contested the Lord take of the Filipinos.

The Indonesian’s however survived two Lord marches from Onic PH courtesy of the quick wave clear from Gilang Sanz’s jungle Natan and Adriand “Drian” Larsen Wong’s midlane Beatrix to drag the match to the late game.

That allowed the Onic ID’s two marksmen to get its items and turn things around in the final Lord clash at the 19 minute mark.

A crucial Tyrant’s revenge ultimate from Nicky “Kiboy” Fernando’s Khufra allowed Sanz to take down two heroes from Onic PH while Drian completed a huge lord steal before gunning down two more heroes for a 4-2 trade in favor of Onic ID.

The Indonesians then went for a one-lane death push with only Marky “Markyyy” Capacio’s Lylia left alone to defend the base.

Onic PH still have the chance to secure an upper bracket seat but the Filipinos need to sweep its last two matches against Todak and Vivo Keyd later in the day.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/12/07/onic-phs-upset-bid-fall-short-as-onic-id-pulls-off-comeback-in-m3/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=onic-phs-upset-bid-fall-short-as-onic-id-pulls-off-comeback-in-m3)