Boom Esports notched its fourth straight win at the expense of Motivate.Trust Gaming while Execration dismantled fellow Filipino squad TNC Predator in the final day of the Week 3 hostilities in the DPC SEA Winter Tour Division I on Saturday, Dec. 18

Photo from DPC SEA League

Boom remained unbeaten through four games after a 2-0 sweep of MG.Trust while Execration bagged its second win in the tournament on the same 2-0 fashion to add to TNC’s woes which is now on a tournament-worst 0-4 start.

Filipino Erin Jasper “Yopaj” Ferrer starred anew for Boom as he spearheaded the attack for the Indonesia-based squad in the two-game sweep, first in Boom’s 29-25 Game 1 comeback win.

Yopaj put up an 11-6-10 show on the Templar Assassin as his squad used a perfectly executed Rosh pit play to take out three heroes on the side MG.Trust and turn the tides to their favor.

Yopaj continued the assault in the second game using his Death Prophet with a 17-1-8 explosion. Unlike in the first game, Boom took the lead right from the get go to finish off MG.Trust with a dominating 27-11 win.

Photo from DPC SEA League

Execration, meanwhile, dominated TNC in their match with Fernando “Nando” Mendoza and Mark Anthony “Bob” Urbina conniving for the all-Filipino squad.

Exe dealt the TNC a 33-15 beatdown in the series opener with Nando unleashing a 14-3-12 line on his Batrider.

TNC could not stop the streaking EXE in the second game as Nando and BOB unloaded a 10-3-11 and 9-0-7 KDAs on the Batrider and Wraith King respectively.

Boom now sits atop the standing with 4-0 record while TNC improved to a 2-1 standing.

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