The M-series crown is coming back to the Philippines as Blacklist International survived BloodthirstyKings, 3-1, to set up an all-Filipino Grand Finals with Onic PH in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang: M3 World Championship at the Suntec Singapore Convention Centre on Saturday, Dec. 18.

Photo from Blacklist International

After getting dropped to the lower bracket by BTK, the PH champions secured their spot in the Grand Finals at the expense of the same team that dealt their only series loss in the tournament.

Blacklist, though, had to dig deep against BTK as the PH champs faced tough challenge especially during the series clinching Game 4 where the NA squad was fighting for its tournament lives.

It was a back-and-forth affair right from the get-go with the two squads trading punches in the early and the mid game. BTK, banking on its Lunox and Esmeralda picks, also managed to go toe-to-toe against the Blacklist side that featured late-game heroes in gold lane Brody and jungle Aldous.

Hadji on his Grock made the biggest play in the series with a clutch knock-up on the three heroes of BTK, allowing OhmyV33nus’ Yve to freely dish out the damage against their opponents from the distance. Aldous then hunted down the low-life heroes of BTK using the Chase Fate ultimate to take down three heroes from BTK.

With only two heroes left to defend the base against five Blacklist heroes, the Filipinos went on for the GG push to close out the series with a 15-17 come-from-behind win.

OhmyV33nus took the MVP honors with a 4-2-8 KDA although it was a total team effort for PH representatives in the sweep.

Blacklist took Game 1 behind a huge clash for the Lord at the 17-minute mark which erased an early BTK lead. Hadji on the Yve and OhmyV33nus on the Mathilda executed a perfect setup to pick off Mobazane’s Granger which allowed Blacklist to secure the Lord.

Hadji and OhmyV33nus unleashed a deathless showing of 4-0-3 and 0-0-9 KDAs as they spearheaded the 9-3 victory in the series opener.

Blacklist sustained its fine form in the second game as the Filipinos starved Mobazane’s Granger of his farm while Wise on the Kimmy had the free reigns on the jungle. With Edward on the Lapu-Lapu and OhmyV33nus on the Mathilda putting the pressure and threat against the BTK’s back line, Blacklist dominated every team fight en route to a low scoring 9-6 win and a commanding 2-0 lead.

BTK though refused to go down without a fight as Mobazane took over in Game 3 with a 13-2-2 line while Shark on his signature Lolita and Zia on the Lylia also also imposed problems for the Filipinos due to its AoE set and damage.

BTK stole a 19-13 game against Blacklist but still wasn’t enough to deny the Filipinos a trip to the finals.

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