Blacklist International formally sealed its spot in the upper bracket playoffs as it capped its Group A sweep with a lopsided 1-0 victory over Malvinas Gaming in the M3 World Championship at Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore on Monday, Dec 6.

Photo from Blacklist International

The Filipino champions were methodical in its third game routing of the Peruvian squad, 14-4, in the quickest win in the tournament so far in just 9:55 time to end the group stage with an unblemished 3-0 record.

Kiel “Oheb” Soriano on the Beatrix shone anew for Blacklist as he quickly reached his power spike despite the early pressure from Malvinas. With the perfect set-ups and protection from Salic “Hadji” Imam’s Tank Ruby, Oheb unloaded a perfect showing of 7-0-4 KDA.

Malvinas actually drew first blood on Hadji’s Ruby in the top lane. That, however proved to be the first and last play that will go to the side of the Latin American team as Blacklist controlled the macro plays with its objective game and split pushing.

Screenshot from M3 World Championship stream

With the Filipinos getting the gold lead after a turtle take and split push on Malvinas’ sidelane, Blacklist dominated the Peruvians on every team fight, first on a 5v5 clash for the second turtle of the game. Oheb and Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario’s jungle Natan dished out the damage from afar to score a four-man wipe of Malvinas at the sixth minute mark of the game.

Blacklist took more pick-offs in the following plays as the Filipinos built a 6k gold advantage with only eight minutes passed in the game.

Blacklist’s double marksmen setup was also untouchable as Hadji’s Ruby easily negated backline dives of Brayan “Quinn” Luna’s Lancelot.

The Filipinos then needed another huge clash near Malvinas’ mid lane inhibitor turret where they took down three heroes from the opponents’ side to end the game and formally book its spot in the next round.

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