Thirdy Ravena has been suspended for two games and was fined 100,000 yen, around 43,800 in Philippine peso, for disciplinary action after damaging a sponsor signboard of the Toyama Grouses last Nov. 14 in the Japan B.League.

Thirdy Ravena (right) and Dwight Ramos (Japan B.League)

“There was an act of beating and damaging the sponsor signboard of the court end. Regarding this matter, we would like to inform you that the disciplinary action in accordance with the B League rules and regulations has been decided as follows,” announced the Neophoenix Wednesday, Nov. 17.

The San-En management also apologized to the Toyama Grouses, partner companies, and individuals concerned for the inconvenience brought by the incident.

Ravena admitted that he “let my emotions get the best of me” amid the team’s series of losses in the ongoing series.

The club also vowed to urge the Filipino star to reflect on his actions and instruct all their players and staff to act as professionals.

“I couldn’t make a calm judgment because of the continuous defeats and the fact that I personally played a bad game,” said the former Ateneo standout. “I had a chance to win the match, but I was emotional because I missed a shot. Everyone, I’m really sorry this time.”

In effect, the 24-year-old Ravena will not be able to suit up for San-En against the Mikawa Seahorses on Dec. 4 and 5.

The Neophoenix are currently in 19th place overall in Division I with a 3-11 win-loss record.

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