Filipino karateka James De los Santos has surpassed his 2020 record after ruling The Athlete’s E-Tournament and capturing his 37th gold medal for this year.

World No. 1 James De los Santos (Photo courtesy of James De los Santos)

De los Santos defeated World No. 2 practitioner Matias Moreno Domont, 25.66-25, in the final of the sixth leg.

“The Athlete’s E-Tournament #6 has been concluded! I finally broke my previous overall record of 36 to 37 golds this year,” wrote De Los Santos on his personal Facebook account.

His 36-medal count last year propelled him to become the world’s top e-kata athlete sanctioned by the World Karate Federation (WKF).

With the dominant spot and a new record, De los Santos still has two months left before closing 2021 on a high note.

“But I’m not finished. There are still a few more tournaments left for this year. Time to finish it strong!” he added.

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