Omega Esports bid to qualify for the 2021 CODM World Championship ended at the hands of DG Esports which won their quarterfinals series in a convincing 3-1 victory in the Garena Qualifiers on Saturday, October 16.

It was a dominating performance for the Indonesians as they only needed four games to set up a semifinals date with another Filipino team in Blacklist International.Ultimate.

Alif Rezky “Venom” Maulana starred for the Indonesians, leading the way with averages of 15 kills, six assists against 11 deaths for a 1741 average score in the four games.

DG took the first two maps in two tight games against Omega.

The first one was in Raid where DG pulled away late to secure a 150-131 victory in Hardpoint and score the first point of the series. The Filipinos retaliated in the Search and Destroy as it took a 4-1 head start over DG on the defender’s side in Firing Range.

DG, however, refused to go down without a fight and rallied back after the switch to take five of the next six games to prevail with a 6-5 comeback win.

With now its backs against the wall, Omega showed flashes of its brilliance as it clobbered DG in the first half of Domination, 75-34. The Filipinos continued to roll in the second half blitzing through the Indonesian line for a 150-79 win in Crossfire.

But that proved to be the final stand for the Filipinos.

Omega lost steam in the Hardpoint in Summit, starting the game dead flat as it trailed early 56-1 in the first two hard points. The Filipinos tried to rally back from a 144-24 lead early in the second half but DG Esports’ lead was too a high of a mountain to climb as they still succumbed, 150-61, giving the Indonesians the series victory.

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