Blacklist head coach Bonn “Bon Chan” Ricaplaza and Omega Esports star Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso have both agreed to put the issues between their teams behind as they hope to bring back the healthy rivalry between the two proud MPL teams.

Blacklist coach Bonn “Bon Chan” Ricaplaza (left) and Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso

The two had the chance to talk during one of Z4pnu’s livestream where he reacted on Bon chan’s Facebook live which tackled the issues that transpired between the two teams during the final day of the MPL Philippines Season 8. Bon Chan and Z4pnu explained their respective sides and made amends as they reached an agreement on how to settle the tension between the two squads.

Bon Chan first went to social media to defend his team after videos of the aftermath of the Blacklist-Omega lower bracket finals made rounds in the social media with the back-to-back champions heard with trash talks and “Uwi!” chants towards Omega.

The Blacklist coach also brought up their MSC Grand Finals match against Omega, then-Execration team, where according to the champion coach, Omega’s Duane “Kelra” Pillas had an even wilder celebration by flashing his middle finger after beating Blacklist.

Z4pnu came to Kelra’s defense clarifying that the celebration was just a retaliation from the Omega player after Kiel “Oheb” Soriano did the same thing when Blacklist beat Omega in the Juicy Legends tournament prior the MPL Season 7.

The banters and trash talk between the two players then went back and forth from there.

“Tol bumawi lang talaga si Kelra nung parang is Oheb rin nung sa Juicy Legends, di na natapos yung bawian ng dalawa e,” Z4pnu told Bon Chan thru a messenger call.

“Maganda, once and for all pagtagpuin natin no?” said Bon Chan to which Z4pnu quickly agreed.

“Yun nga tol pagtagpuin na natin at pagbatiin na natin para tumigil na rin yung mga fans namin, yung fans ng Blacklist,” Z4pnu replied.

The two also agreed that the issues were blown out of proportions with the fans joining the fray through the social media.

“Siguro nagpapalala lang itong mga fans. Never namin sinabing umiyak kayo dahil sa trash talk,” clarified Bon Chan.

Bon Chan then reiterated that he had no other intentions but to bring back the healthy competition between the two squads when he did the two-hour long video on his Facebook page

“Sabi ko nga, wala akong ibang intension kundi mabalik yung dati,” said Bon Chan.

The two also asked their team’s respective fans to stop from fighting and try to bring back the healthy community between the two champion teams.

“Sa mga fans ng Omega, tigil na rin natin ito para mabalik na rin natin yung dati, yung close natin sa Blacklist, balik na natin yung healthy community kasi iba na nangyayari. Para sa akin kasi yung dalawang bata lang talaga yung mainit eh,” Z4pnu said to end his live.

“To all the fans, please start having little changes by respecting each other. Not only from us, but to all of you. Alam natin gano na katoxic ang community. Let’s change it little by little. Di man to mangyari sa loob ng isang araw. But time will come na kahit manalo o matalo ang sinusportahan nating team, lahat tayo ay masaya,” said Bon Chan in a separate post.

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