Photo from Jinkee Pacquiao’s Instagram account

Jinkee Pacquiao, Manny Pacquiao’s wife of more than two decades, fully supported her husband’s planned presidential candidacy in 2022.

In a lengthy Instagram post a day after Pacquiao announced his political bid, Jinkee said “as a wife, I and our children stand beside him wholeheartedly supporting him with our love, prayers and confidence.”

Jinkee said it has not been an easy decision for her husband to take this political path, but she understood how compassionate he is giving the best he can to help fellow Filipinos.

“His heart and love for our country calls him to,” Jinkee wrote.

“I admire his intense desire and determination for our people to prosper in every way as God has intended.”

Jinkee said her husband is determined to help struggling Filipino families and children who lack good education – something that her husband experienced at a young age.

Jinkee also said this could be another of “God’s calling” aside from becoming a world boxing champion.

“God has put another dream in his heart – a bigger dream not for himself or our family, but for every Filipino that he so dearly loves. To help them achieve their best life,” she said.

Though Jinkee admitted that Manny may not be as learned as skilled compared to his political counterparts, but she believed the passion and dedication that her husband would pour in once given the chance.

“I’m grateful that he has blessed you and our family beyond measure. Maraming salamat sa paglaban mo para sa ating pamily. Ngayon, I’m with you 100 percent as you fight for our country,” she said.

The fighting senator declared his presidential bid in 2022 polls Sunday, officially accepting the nomination to be standard-bearer of the PDP-Laban camp which he co-leads with Senator Koko Pimentel.

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