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Blacklist International extended its impressive streak to 10 straight wins with a 2-0 beatdown of RSG Philippines in the MPL Philippines Season 8 on Sunday, Sept. 26.

Kiel “OHEB” Soriano became the main damage source for the defending champions in the two-game sweep. Utilizing his signature Alice in Game 1, OHEB rescued Blacklist from an impressive early game of RSG. He exploded with seven kills, four assists against two deaths to help Blacklist bag the first point of the series in a come from behind 14-16 win.

Game 2 was more like a déjà vu of the first game with OHEB, this time, melting the HP of RSG heroes with his gold lane Kimmy. He unleashed a whopping 89,829 damage from distance to score six kills, two assists against one death.

He was simply unreachable for RSG, even with “Cedrix “Demonkite” Caranto’s Benedetta. Jonmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna’s Rafela and Salic “Hadji” Imam’s Kadita provided the protection for OHEB, finishing with 0-2-8 and 1-0-2 KDAs respectively.

The impressive series awarded OHEB back-to-back MVP citations after helping his team end the match with a 12-8 tally in Game 2.

RSG looked like they had Blacklist’s numbers in Game 1 with Demonkite’s Benedetta and Christian “Iy4knu” Manaog’s Natan dictated the outcome of the early game scrimmages.

The defending champs, though, was able to hold the game until OHEB reached his power spike in the late game. Four players from Blacklist then easily burst down “Nathanael “Nathhzz” Estrologo’s Uranus at the 14:15 minute mark to get a five versus four lord dance advantage.

Blacklist secured the Lord and wasted no time taking down turrets after turrets to bag the first point of the series.

It was all Blacklist from that point as it handed RSG its fourth loss in 11 outings, good for 16 points and tied with ECHO at the third spot. The MSC runners up now boasts 26 points across the board to keep an inside track of an upper bracket spot in the playoffs.

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